General Information

Republic of Ecuador is located on the equator, which divides its land into the both hemispheres of earth. It is consisted of the mainland in the northwest South America along with some neighboring islands and the coast, and Galápagos Islands which are situated in the Pacific Ocean 1000 km from the Ecuadorian coast.

Ecuador has a unique geographic location as it is located in the middle of the earth. Allah granted Ecuador such beautiful nature including rivers, seas, mountains, forests, amazing islands and volcanoes. The official currency of Ecuador is USD. 

Quito is the capital, which is the political capital and the most populated city also, while Guayaquil is the economic capital. The official language is Spanish spoken by 98% of the Ecuadorian people as well as thirteen recognized languages of the indigenous people.  

The country is a main exporter of oil and is deemed the largest exporter of bananas in the world, one of the major exporters of flowers and heterocarpus ensifer in the world, and one of major exporters of cacao and coffee in the world. In 2014, Ecuador received about 1.3 million tourists, which helped the country to be deemed as a pioneer country in international tourism in the region.      

The only law you should know prior to travelling to Ecuador is that a foreign citizen has the same rights and duties as an Ecuadorian citizen and will be treated on this basis in case of any troubles in Ecuador.