Travel Guidelines

You can find mid-range hotels across the country, specially that ecotourism is being developed throughout the country. This is the case in most hotels which provide the residence and breakfast service in the most popular touristic destinations. Further, service tax of 10% in addition to VAT of 14% are usually added to the hotels’ invoice. Therefore, you should review the hotel policy to be acquainted with what is included in and excluded from the prices offered. 

Entertainment Places

Ecuador provides its visitors with a number of different activities and adventures to experience such as:

Quito –The Capital: Commercial buildings, its most popular street REPUBLICA DE EL SALVADOR, and restaurants including Arab restaurants but not many.  

Touristic Cities: Guayaquil, Esmeraldas, Cuenca and Salinas.

Mountaineering: Ecuador has a number of mountains ideal for mountaineering such as Antisana, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and many other mountains, including volcanic mountains of ice peaks and non-volcanic ones. 

Diving: You can dive in lakes and even in the Pacific islands known as “Galápagos Islands” which is one of the largest and most inclusive marine reserves in the world. When you start diving, you see large numbers of uncountable fish and sea creatures such as sea lions, pinnipeds, sharks and more.     

Camping: Thanks to the biological diversity in the country, you can camp in different parts of the country, of which the most important is Amazon region, where you can identify the indigenous people of the country (Native Americans) and their customs and traditions, as well as the amazing nature surrounding the different lives therein.    

Wind Surfing: Ecuador has the best beaches to practice Wind Surfing, and Santa Marianita is deemed the main destination for Wind Surfing in Ecuador, as well as other beaches known for its wave size.     

Ecuador also provides cultural activities such as religious tourism and museums and theatres visiting, in addition to ecotourism such as watching thousands of the strangest birds and butterflies and many other, as well as protected areas and wildlife reserves in the country.